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Welcome to Astera Regia Ragnarok Online

Greetings, Asteras!

Astera Regia Ragnarok Online is a Super High Rate ~ Pre-renewal Server (1000/250) and Max stats (1000) with instant Job Changer. The Server has Story Line Quests which gives Quest Exclusive Rewards that can strengthen your Build. The Server also offers many automated events with satisfying rewards and events that are hosted by our GM Team.

Player Commands: @commands @dailyreward @checkpoints @pvp @woe @iteminfo @go @autoloot @alootid @whodrops @mobinfo @hgstats @ccolor @hatch @petfriendly 1000 @petstats.

Astera Regia Ragnarok Online offers many ways for players to acquire Amazing Equipments and Rewards from Farming and Quests, such as Astera Donation Shop, Regia Donation Shop and the 3 Story Line Quests in-game. Don't waste time, join and you will have maximum Fun with your Friends. Keep Calm and Game on at Astera Regia Ragnarok Online.

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